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Battlecam Is No More

Perhaps the destination of Battlecam was similar to that of the Titanic, after all, they were both vehicles designed to be used to generate a popular outcome. However, sadly, neither made it. Launched by a Greek billionaire, Battlecam was born in 2011 and was Alki’s attempt at ambushing the ‘Live Stream’ goldrush.

Interestingly, Alki took by storm, after all, it’s not every day you get to see a billionaire caster. Alki began to host regular casts on JTV, providing controversial content, such as prank calls. This was later met with warnings from the team at Later, JTV banned the billionaire. Alki’s reply?

Like a fading candle, Battlecam gradually declined within its ciricle of popularity. The site’s core was Alki himself, and his gradual lack of casting resulted in a declining audeince.

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